Our eco-friendly Antibacterial coatings (Silver Bullet AM) contribute in effective hospital cleaning practices such as reduced water and chemical usage, healthier indoor air quality and lower level of infection rates. Silver Bullet AM is developed by Burke Industrial Coatings USA. The product Silver Bullet AM inhibits the growth of broad spectrum of Bacteria, and Fungi. Highly durable and corrosion resistant, Silver Bullet’s active ingredients is a safe and natural antimicrobial with proven success in Food processing application. A highly durable coating, silver bullet can be applied to plant, equipment, walls, ceilings and other appropriate surfaces to reduce microbiological contamination and propagation. Silver Bullet works on Agion (Silver ion) Technology.
The coating offers the following advantages:
• Instant and long lasting protection (up to 15 years )
• Safe and easy to apply
• Time and frequency of cleaning are significantly reduced
• Protection from bacteria, yeasts, fungi and molds
Silver ions inhibits the growth of broad spectrum of bacteria, mold and fungi in addition to long term protection against severe wash chemicals. It inhibits reproduction, interrupts metabolism and disrupts cell wall functions of many molds, yeasts and bacteria. The controlled release of silver ions results in long lasting, on demand, antimicrobial effect on bacteria and surpasses future contamination.