Construction Industry

Liquid stainless steel coatings
Our revolutionary Liquid stainless steel coatings (Burke Industrial Coatings-BIC) completely prevent the rusting of the pipes and fittings. leads the industrial coatings industry with unique high performance formulas engineered to provide unmatched corrosion prevention and protection. BIC’s coatings are heavily infused with 316L stainless steel flake resulting in all the performance characteristics of stainless steel without the cost.

High Heat Application
Supertemp 316 is a unique heat resistant coating that application can be heat-cured or merely allowed to dry at ambient temperatures, and will handle high-temperature applications up to 1200 degrees F. Supertemp 316 is a single-package modified silicone, pigmented with 316L stainless steel flake. In addition to its effective high-temperature performance, it also provides better chemical resistance than conventional heat-resistant coatings.