NShield’s Paid Brand Ambassador Program

NShield Solutions is looking for ambassadors who best represent its values and personality. It is a paid opportunity that will earn you a certificate from the company as well. This is a unique learning and earning opportunity specially for university students and fresh graduates. Becoming a brand ambassador opens up a whole new opportunity and revenue stream for people who work as independent contractors. All we expect from you is to bring in new potential customers and earn your commission. The more customers you bring in, the more commission you earn.


As a brand ambassador, your duties will include:

Learn about NShield Solutions

First, take some time to learn about NShield Solutions.The more knowledgeable and enthusiastic you seem, the more likely it is that we want to bring you on board. Check our website and social media pages, and learn about our services. As a brand ambassador, your job is to introduce your followers to our services so first you need to have a thorough information of the services NShield Solutions offers.

Build Followers and engagement:

An ambassador helps customers, gives advice, raises awareness of a brand, supports its reputation and motivates to purchase. As our brand ambassador, you need to post and share our facebook , instagram and Youtube pages regularly on all your social channels and with your family and friends. Share our work pics. Keep your posts set to public, The more eyes you manage to get on your posts, the more chances you will have to grab the attention of the potential customers and more the commission you will earn. You will also be provided with the promotional material to be distributed among your followers, family and friends.

Report Your Activities:

An Ambassador is required to submit a weekly report of their activities on time. This will enable us to keep a track of your active participation as our brand ambassador.
An ambassador is not allowed to work for another client within the same brand industry at the same time. An ambassador is not allowed to work for companies or projects that compete with each other either directly or indirectly.
Use The Tittle Of NShield’s Brand Ambassador
Once you are selected as our brand ambassador, you will be asked to update your facebook profile as the NShield Ambassador to give you an official tittle and attachment with our company.


The brand ambassador program is for 6 months only. Upon successful completion of the program and based on your performance, you will earn NShield’s certified brand ambassador certificate. Shortlisted ambassadors will be eligible to renew the contract for another term.

For more details contact: info@nshieldsolutions.com