About the Company

NShield Solutions is a unique, first of its kind, dynamic, nanotechnology powered company in Pakistan and UAE. We are the market leader in providing unmatched Ceramic Glass Coating services for automobiles and Nano coatings for various industries. All our products are biodegradable having Eco-Friendly formulations, which are specialized and known in the fields of anti-bacterial, anti-scratch, antistatic anti-adhesive, moisture control, anti-slip and much more to improve the quality of the materials. NShield Solutions is the authorised agent of several world renowned European and American Nano Tech./Agion Products in the GCC and Pakistan. We operate in 10 different locations in 5 cities through our own offices in UAE and Pakistan.
Nano coatings attach to surfaces at an atomic level, filling in any nano-pores and making a hydrophobic surface that is impenetrable to any harmful chemicals and pollutants. The coated surface becomes resistant to Corrosion, Minor Scratches, UV rays, Oxidation, Chemical attacks, Abrasions, Dust, Germs and Decay. It protects your precious assets and belongings from everyday wear and tear and extends their life.

Why Us:

We use environment friendly nanotechnology products only. We are deeply committed to protect the environment following our strict corporate social responsibility policy.

  • We are focused on giving top notch quality services to lessen the maintenance cost and to enhance the life and nature of the material.
  • Our team is highly skilled and talented in product application.
  • We are proactive in our aftercare service.
  • Presence of a strong marketing and customer support network throughout GCC and Pakistan.

Our nano protective coatings incredibly advantage resource owners by decreasing maintenance expenses and bringing down their carbon impression, while keeping their belonging looking brand new for a considerable length of time to come.
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